As a Nutritionist, my clients and students always want to know what I eat during the week.


They ask me, “Siona, what do you REALLY eat for dinner?”



Now, I don’t get the feeling that they want to check up on me and make sure I’m practicing what I preach. Maybe for some that’s it.



But for most people who ask me, I get the feeling that they are:


  • Driven by curiosity and
  • In need of ideas and inspiration



So to satisfy YOUR curiosity and give you that extra bit of inspiration you crave, I’m sharing exactly what I ate for dinner last week.



But before I do, let me give you a little background…



Last week it was my birthday week and my mom came to town for a visit.



Growing up in an Italian family, celebrations were always centered on food.



But I don’t exactly eat the way I did growing up anymore…



… Sure there are the occasional traditional dishes and comfort foods that I make room for in my diet (well because I’m NOT on a diet!!!) and you should too, but day-to-day I eat in a way that energizes me and gives me the stamina and brainpower I need to keep me going.



With that said, I cannot say this enough. I do NOT believe in cardboard tasting health foods. Pleasure is important to me and good tasting food that satisfies me is something I live for. Truly! (Which I think is obvious from the pictures here.)



Ok so back to the story. It was my birthday week, mom was in town and I still had to work everyday plus I was filming my new course. #LifeOfAFemaleEntrepreneur (more about that laterl)



But even with company in town, we were able to get good tasting food that was also good for us on the table.



The key to doing so is creating a meal plan. You absolutely have to plan out your meals because when you leave it to chance, you will make less than ideal choices.



And this was the first item on our agenda when my mom arrived. She landed late at night and first thing the next morning we broke out the pen and paper and got to work. 🙂



Now here’s what the pictures don’t show…



My mom, my spouse (Abdiel) and I had many laughs around the dinner table, which is what I love most about mealtime.



When you actually sit down to eat and enjoy your food, you are brought straight into the moment and are reminded of how important connecting, laughing and eating really are.



But you might be wondering, “well that all looks amazing and delicious, but how does she REALLY do it?”



Three things keep me going.


1.) I’m motivated by what I value.


Leading a healthy lifestyle is driven by my desire for high quality relationships, a fulfilling career, a clean slate of health and by all around pleasure. These are the very things in life I value! They are what I live for.


2.) I’m motivated by my story, my health and my purpose.


Read my story here if you haven’t already.


3.) I’m motivated by how I feel.


During my workweek when I’m busy, if I don’t eat this way I’m lethargic, unfocused, overwhelmed and spinning my wheels. My nutrition is what fuels me, gives my brain the juice it needs to perform and keeps me focused. In the end, I feel good about myself and I feel confident. When you experience life this way, you become deeply motivated and “hooked” if you will.


But, here’s what you need to know!!!






And if you’re busy leading a purpose-driven life, then you shouldn’t have to either. You need smart systems, especially when it comes to your health and eating. This is exactly why I created my new (but not yet released) mini course to help get you started.


More details later.


For now, if you are looking to get focused and kick mealtime overwhelm to the curb, sign up on the waitlist for The 10 Minute ResetTM. It’s an introduction to my full-system that I’m talking about above.

And believe me if you’re busy, creative, a go-getter, but finding your energy and health aren’t up to par, then you need this in your life.


And finally, what you’ve been waiting for… what I ate last week, pictures and all.


Let me point out, there are many of my Italian favorites in here, which proves the point that you CAN have your cake and eat it too, as long as you upgrade to whole food ingredients and be sure to pile on those veggies! (And growing up, chicken parm was my favorite, so we had a healthier version a couple of times this week.)


  1. Chicken Piccata with Garlic Sautéed Green Beans, a Side of Rice and a Nice Big Salad (My hubby was craving Chicken Parm with Cheese and all and I love to spoil him so he got tomato sauce and cheese on his instead of the Lemon Butter Sauce)

2. Grass-Fed, Garlic Infused Burgers topped with Easy Homemeade Guacamole + Sweet Potato Steak Fries + Simple Greens Salad & Fresh Fruit + Fresh Corn on the Cob

3. Grass-Fed Polish Sausages with Caramelized Onions and Peppers + Roasted Potatoes + Mixed Greens Salad

4. Traditional Italian Meatballs and Red Sauce + Brown Rice Pasta & Sautéed Garlicky Spinach (And yeah I had some more salad. It is Summer after all!)

5. Gluten-Free Breaded Chicken + Homemade Pesto + Almond Flour Linguini + Strawberry Balsamic Salad

6. Lemon Grilled Tuna with Tapenade + Rice & Simple Greens Salad

7. Gluten-Free Breaded Chicken + Homemade Pesto + Sweet Potatoes + Green Beans + Strawberry Balsamic Salad

If you’re wondering, “why gluten-free?” that’s a discussion for another time.


We also had a big fruit platter, fruit and whipped cream or coconut whipped cream for dessert + homemade lemon blueberry muffins.



Now that’s my kind of birthday week, my friend! Good food, good company, good conversations while still treating my body, mind and spirit with the love and respect they deserve.


Hope you enjoyed a peek into what I ate last week for dinner and that you got some inspiration for your own dinner table this week.