The holiday season is a time to be grateful, to feel loved and appreciated and most of all to treat yourself to deliciously satisfying home-cooked goodness….

…Yet for so many of us we indulge TOO MUCH all throughout the the holidays and find ourselves frustrated in January.

As the new year rolls in we race to the gym, feel like we should go on a cleanse and make steep goals for the upcoming months.

Yet none of these efforts have true “staying” power and leave most of us in the vicious dieting cycle.

Let’s change that this year!  You ARE absolutely capable.

And that doesn’t mean that it needs to feel like you are on a “diet” during the holidays. No, no and NO! You can still indulge and celebrate with friends.

Simply “upgrade” to healthier alternatives that won’t compromise on your favorite flavors or the nutritional quality for the MAJORITY of foods at your table?! This way you’ll be ahead of the game when the new year rolls in.  You’ll also be building yourself habits, one (delicious) bite at a time.

To help you on this journey, check out these mouth-watering side dishes and desserts that are allergen-friendly and have my stamp of “nom nom” approval. Wishing you and yours a safe, happy and healthy season.