When I’m in the mood for something creamy and decadent, I’ll turn to this recipe. The rich, luxurious nature of my homemade Caesar dressing is a sexy way to dress up those oh-so-good-for-you greens such as kale. I’m a fan of anyway (well most ways) you can sneak in more dark leafy greens into your everyday diet, and this recipe is an easy and satisfying way to do it. If you’re new to kale see variation below to get started.


Makes 3-4 cups salad

Preparation Time: 10 minutes


2 bunches dinosaur kale (about 17-20 leaves), de-stemmed

1½ teaspoons sea salt

1/3 cup Caesar dressing, plus more to taste

¼ cup Mary’s Gone Crackers (Super Seed Flavor), crushed

Parmesan cheese for garnish (or nutritional yeast), optional


Stack kale leaves on top of one another, roll tightly and cut into thin ribbons.  Massage greens with salt in a large preparation bowl for about 2 minutes.  Greens should shrink by half the volume. Then, give the greens a good squeeze and discard the juices that come out of them and place in a clean preparation bowl.  Be sure to discard the juices or the kale plus the Caesar will be way too salty.


Dress the salad, toss to coat and taste. Dressing should not be pooling at the bottom of the bowl, but salad should be nice and coated with dressing.  Top with crushed crackers (faux croutons) and cheese if using; serve and enjoy! Salad will keep for about 3-5 days refrigerated.


Variation: Mix in an equal amount of cleaned and chopped romaine lettuce with the wilted kale for a crunchier salad. Double up the dressing and fixings. Romaine lettuce is not as sturdy as the kale so it won’t keep as long.



Copyright 2016, S. Sammartino, Original Recipe